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Reviews for "Origin"

Very liquidy. I love this kind of stuff. So smooth and yummy that you just want to melt yourself inside of it forever and ever and ever!

Anyways, your tune has a nice chord progression. It's one of those songs where you could just have it on loop and not really care because it just works like that.

The only issue I think is that your snare has too much low EQ on it. Snares should really have a brighter end. Other than that, you have a pretty solid track. Feel free to drop a review on one of my tunes too! Keep it up. :)


Geoplex responds:

The snare is mid-high EQd, I've actually cut most of the lows. I'll try to take it higher next time.

Thanks for the review!

Awesome! Very good DnB track, and I'm agree with the last review.
Keep it up!

Geoplex responds:


nice solid liquid dnb track. i'd personally prefer a little wub bass behind what you have to draw you in a bit. but yeah good effort mate, you deserve 5. btw if you don't use massive, you should totally use massive. it's awesome!

Geoplex responds:

I am using Massive in this song, but I'm still not very good at synthesizing with it (a few of the sounds you hear are edited from presets.)

As this was meant to be a somewhat relaxing track, I wanted a really smooth sub; but I'll consider some wubs for next time :P

Thanks for the review.

170-175 is usually what the genre expects.

Again another great track! Glad to see you took my advice! I don't really recognize any synths used in previous songs, so good job there!

The hi hat and the drum beat is very catchy, which grabbed my attention quite quickly.

I like the ambient talking during the bridge a lot. Just an overall great song man, keep up the great work!


Geoplex responds:

Thanks. To be perfectly fair, I didn't go out of my way to use original sounds, and the bells sound almost exactly like a piano at times. But, yeah :P

I very much enjoyed the softer, ambient tune. Makes me think of space travel.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks, me too :P