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Reviews for "HiRoads"

Hmm. Very good sir.

I must applaud you for this excellent game.
I am wasting many a seconds playing it.

good but

It is good. but that super sharp control from skyroads is missing. At least for me the jumping had a little less control. But it is impressive.

Skyroads FTW!!

lol I still have the original skyroads game. kinda hard with your choice of pattern on the ball. but good job.

A great clone of SkyRoads!

Perfect remake of the original game. Most of the time I've spent with this game is in its intuitive level editor. I've submitted quite a few levels in the last couple days. Go to the website, log in, click "Roads", search "csd", play levels, leave comments, make some of your own for me to play. :P Frustrating, fun, and addictive. The only real thing that annoyed me, besides difficulty, was that sometimes I couldn't jump. I've already posted suggestions for features and more on the forums. I'll name a few here:

- Replay videos (Like in games such as Peggle or Raiden III.)
- Time limits on certain levels.
- Editor: Ability to give fire, ice, etc. properties to non-flat platforms.

In case anyone is interested, another great game in the same style is Tasty Static. It's freeware, and has a bunch of different platforms that can turn your player around, reverse gravity, etc. It got me into games like this, and ate up a lot of my time. The Windows version has a very in-depth level editor, too. I think the creator is on Newgrounds, but I forgot his name here.

I think this game would work with some achievements and/or medals. Jump x times and beat a level, play a level entirely under a certain speed, don't use the last three columns on the right/left, play all levels, make a level, beat a level on your first try (Is there any way to link these to user-created levels?), beat all levels, beat all levels at full speed... I could go on and on. In the meantime, self-imposed challenges FTW! :D

Really great time killer! Liked the music,interface,and also physics engine :)
I was playing this on 2009 and I finally found this again!
It's really constructive,and interesting! I LOVE THIS! I can even use this in one of my assignment to show them some Physics,like acceleration! (of course,NOT SWF RIPPING!)

By the way,I searched for all 9 chiptune tracks,but I can't find it. The only information I got is:
"Music - Arachno"
...and no hope. I literally downloaded ALL modules from 5 sites and I couldn't find one I was looking for.
Could you please give me the names of each tracks? (I am really begging for the help!)