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Reviews for "The Tempting Red Button"

oh Lulz nearly clicked it but....

but.....i hvnt clicked it even if u use the.......wat was it again umm.........reverse phsy.
THe song it reminds of another game but wat was it.......i think its in newgrounds games but wat was it...........

ummm wat ever i since i am very bad mud cuz i find out my pc has more then 80 errors/damage i give u 1 for my bad mood plus 3 for the work uve done
so 4/10
oh yea hope tat i can break ur record

XxMiniGruntxX responds:

thx for the 10 hahah im glad u pressed 10 by accident =)


I expected something gay to happen, but instead I blew up a nuke. WTF... I only lasted to 1000. I don't have the patience keep resisting. LOL!

XxMiniGruntxX responds:

thx for destroying earth for me

wierd game

i left the room got to 3k


I was just dancin to the music then an animation of a nuke comes up.
I didn't press the button!

I had to press it for the Cheez Its because those are the best snack.