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Reviews for "The Tempting Red Button"

pretty funny

how come when you start over again, the seconds go up much faster? right now it is going up by 2's.
still was pretty cool though.

XxMiniGruntxX responds:

I put the glitch there on purpose.


i was so tempted by the button but i lasted 1023 seconds

XxMiniGruntxX responds:

I lasted 9942928591805296021589620261089632910 59000000000000 seconds!!!

The music was too good.

The button doesnt look interesting enough to press the flashing warning lights were annoying which was good you want to annoy and persuade/force the watchers to click the button after all. The music was way to good even if it did loop it was really good. I could of sat and listened to it loop for hours never once pressing the button. nifty flash.

That was a horrible result and I wish I never pressed the button the other music was better thou the music at the end result was okay. Ending too weak but at least it wasnt gay porn or some other lame filler. very obvious ending though. try again but the waiting music saved this flash.

XxMiniGruntxX responds:

Well, what do you expect? I'm only a fruity strawberry =)



XxMiniGruntxX responds:



interesting. not mach gameplay, but pretty funny.

XxMiniGruntxX responds: