Reviews for "Amber"

Nice iteration of a classic

To be honest, what won me over was the sound. It was just so nice sounding, and unexpected, that I seemed to fall into a sort of trance while playing it. Granted it's breakout, and would probably be better in a larger scale, but it's a nice little flash game that deserves its light of day.

The one gripe that I do have, is the hit detection. It's just a little off.

Very Nice

This game is not usually my kind of game, but this one is so well done that its hard not to enjoy it. The minimalist look combined with the sounds makes it a very enjoyable experience.

Very soothing

I like the use of the major chord to put the player at ease while playing. There are two things I think should be changed in a future version though:

First, we need a way to consciously change the angle at which the ball is bouncing. Most of the time the ball just goes on its merry way regardless of where it hits the paddle, and at one point I somehow ended up with it going almost straight up and down, and suicided just so I could finish the level.

Second, sometimes the collision detection seems to go wonky, where the ball will hit a brick and then shoot off in an apparently random direction, rather than bouncing in a way that makes sense. I've coded Breakout on my calculator before, so I know it can be a pain, but working with this many pixels on screen should make it easier to use the current direction of the ball to figure out which way it should bounce.

Those points aside, the game was smooth, and I liked the sense of humour in the level descriptions. I made it to "how are you even doing this?" before losing my focus.

pdesign responds:

edit: collision detection should work better now.

You're right about the collision detection. It is a little bit dodgy.

I uploaded before it was perfect because I still considered the game playable and enjoyable, and newgrounds lets you go back and update if you make any changes.

I was originally going to wait until i'd got it absolutly right until I uploaded, but I'd have to think of a better technique for detecting which edge of the block was hit before I could do it, and I wasn't sure of how else I was going to do it, but I will have another look at my code and see if I can think of a better way.

I did look for some source code of other breakout games to see how they did it, but I coulden't find any good ones that wern't just using vertical-bouncing and really short blocks.

Nice and Fun

Its a type of relaxing game.
I think you could add onto this, for example, different squares with different effects


Interesting attempt with a retro look, simple graphics, gets progressivly harder, but could use a level select feature, a power up or two (expand paddle, extra ball, extra life etc.), a bit variety to level design now and than and it could be more fun... also, angle control is a pain, lost most lives trying to change the angle of the ball that way...