Reviews for "Amber"

Very Nice

This game is not usually my kind of game, but this one is so well done that its hard not to enjoy it. The minimalist look combined with the sounds makes it a very enjoyable experience.

A little too basic...

add some power-ups and and different patterns other than just solid rectangles and you got yourself a pretty good game


Interesting attempt with a retro look, simple graphics, gets progressivly harder, but could use a level select feature, a power up or two (expand paddle, extra ball, extra life etc.), a bit variety to level design now and than and it could be more fun... also, angle control is a pain, lost most lives trying to change the angle of the ball that way...

Nice and Fun

Its a type of relaxing game.
I think you could add onto this, for example, different squares with different effects

Nice iteration of a classic

To be honest, what won me over was the sound. It was just so nice sounding, and unexpected, that I seemed to fall into a sort of trance while playing it. Granted it's breakout, and would probably be better in a larger scale, but it's a nice little flash game that deserves its light of day.

The one gripe that I do have, is the hit detection. It's just a little off.