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Reviews for "« TIMELESS» .:EN3RGIE:."

Well done with this track.

This track here must have had a lot of work put into it. I can hear certain vsts that I use as well. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that Vanguard is being used in it with the arp. Either way, all of this track is utterly amazing. Well done.

If you have msn, add me @: nsyrimis@bigfoot.com

EN3RGIE responds:

Hey xPHS! Actually yes this song did have alot of work put into it lol. And yes once again you are right, that is Vanguard and it is being used in with the arp lol. Your psychic :P...or you just know your vsts well hehe. Well anyway im glad you find this track amazing :) thank you for your review! Oh and by the way i tryed adding you and it doesn't seem to work so try addign me :) magic_man_33@hotmail.com
Thanks again!
talk to you soon!

nice one

once again i liked it :) lol.. its ron
van den beuken ;) hes from netherlands too :P
yeah i culd write a long review but i dont like those so i say good job! ^^

EN3RGIE responds:

Hey OH-Y34H! Ron van Den Beuken eh? lol wow i wish! Hes one of my fav trance producers :)
And your review is short..but its short and straight to the point :)So thank you!


Great work!

Great work, it's a good party song :D

Wow i liked this a lot!

I had to put this in my fav's i even downloaded it! You did a real good job! I am just surprised this is not legit as in mass produced.

ive been surfing the audio portal forever

why havent i heard of you sooner? why is this not in the top5 compared to some of the things that are "great"? This is a masterpiece, fav'd and DL'ed
10/10 5/5
I Plan to Live Forever, So Far, So Good.
- Lamazar