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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Kingdom"


my best friends story

'about 10 years ago, when thy was 12 my cousin introduced me to hentai i was indeed intrigued
however i got bored watching the people do it and at the age of 16 found out about fapping the slang for masturbation.
i began attempting to hold on to keep the orgasm holding for longer however it just faded away cause the people stopped when i was about half way through my burst.
then i found out about games. i was very reluctant due to the thought of everyone calling me a porn addict. so i layed it off until i left school... then the worst/best moment of my life happened one day i accidentally (unintentionally) got my crush pregnant (forgetting to wear a condom)
then i had a daughter almost 6 months later.
we then got married after to stop our parents from separating us then COVID happened. i'd say my wife is a sex addict wearing erotic costumes and laying down in horny poses. i wasn't into sex like that but she always managed to pin me down i then looked her up and down whenever she went to sleep. she always placed her hand on her vagina rubbing it up and down. i was awake worried about her so the moment sex therapy opened i took her. we argued when we got back, just argued, squabbled. i just had enough 'this is what you wanted bitch' where the last words i muttered i tore off her knickers which where wet cause she was clearly rubbing in the restrooms and shoved my dick up her pussy... unaware my daughter was watching. i kept on going cumming around 6 times before moving on to her ass. i looked at her her face was blank tears rolled down her face, my ball-sacks still pounding against her butt. then i stopped leaving her on the ground sperm pouring from both holes.
i went to bathe when i found my daughter right there. at that point knowing how bad minded my wife was i ran off with my daughter. i stayed with my close friend whom i still live with and i stayed. all the characters from this game remind me of the day i viciously sexed her up.'

'raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... what a story' i be saying

he be like 'yeah,' then he asked 'is cum red?'

awsome game

the defining moment of my childhood.

I believe it was this one. the naive 8 year old boy i was, i clicked on this game believing it to be a harmless anime girl gallery of sorts. no the phrase 'meet'n'fuck' did not pose any sort of threat upon my innocence, i was incapable of properly processing any such complex contraction that wasn't "isn't, can't, didn't" etc. and "meet'n'fuck" had two apostrophes, so what can i say? i didnt want to squander with the implications. you click before you read sometimes

but oh boy, did this game change my life forever. i will never know if, in my natural journey of exploring my prepubescent urges, i would have turned to japanese-style depictions of women, or gone the more typical route of documented live action performance. then again, is there a statistic which vouches for which medium indeed proves more typical?

either way, i found myself here, alone in the house on a wednesday, tuesday, or monday night (who cares?), 5 minutes in and immediately experiencing the shocking revelation that i had sparked a flame within me.

"y dafuq my pp so hard?" i looked down, dumbfounded at the bone i had suddenly grown. it was a foreign phenomenon, a profound discovery. i alternated my sight between the 2009 dell laptop screen and this newly-generated limb, but in disgust relented and fixated upon the glorious scene of a blond anime girl with the biggest tiddies i had ever seen gracing me with her open legs to reveal her vaginal opening. up to that point i had not picked up on the allusions illustrated by the dialogue leading up to this fateful encounter, i regarded them simply as walls of texts, sifting through them to see if i was going to be able to shoot some zombies or something soon enough.

i peeped the first green button. it looked like a brown chewed dog bone. "is this woman a dog i am going to feed?" i thought to myself. good Lord have mercy on my then pure soul. the protagonist's significant member protruded immediately from the right, moving into frame and inserting itself into her wondrous paradise ever so swiftly, accompanied by the cry of pleasure signature to probably every woman that existed in this perfect, meet'n'fuck universe. God bless the fact there was no one home. own earphones, i did not, and my laptop speakers blared unashamed, professing this cry for the world of my little home to be heard.

the rest is history. within a week, using the few moments i yielded freedom from the rest of my family, i played through all the games. but do not be mistaken - not a single time did i supersede my naivety to touch my pp, let alone stroke it to the motions demonstrated in this game. no, i played the whole series as a young critic, curiously expanding my knowledge of this universe i had discovered. the kingdom, then the cruise, then the undercover mission around the world - it was all to build the story in my head, not to wank off to some phat ass and some thicc tiddies.

it was a seed (no pun intended) nonetheless which was planted into my cerebrum to grow and blossom at the nigh age of 10, 2 years later, when i finally got my hands on a smartphone (not my own - i ended up attaining one myself at the humble age of 14) and figured out how to play flash games on it, and thusly excavated into the household washroom to do the self-inflicted dirty.

i never turned back since. thank you, VadimGoD. a god indeed.

now this is the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!