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Reviews for "FrozenFun"

kinda fun

I like it,but its hard if it is fast.

X mas

Thank you for reminding us that Chrismas are on the way :)

Fun :)

Cute graphics
good control + choose
some powerups ;)

No fresh ideas

the stick is sometimes bugged, the ball should hit him, but it fly throught it

Well i like this kind of games. And the graphics are well :)
Keep it up, oh and i saw that the Stick is kinda buggy, because the ball fly througt him sometimes.


This game had a few things that bugged me about it that could use sorting out. First of all, the hit test failed on numerous occassions to recognize the ball hitting the paddle, costing me a life each time.

Secondly, the powerups last for an entire life, which can be alright for some perks, but with a slow powerup on and few blocks left it makes for a boring wait for the ball to bounce back down to the paddle.

Third, the music was pretty bland and repetetive, it didn't spice up the gameplay or make me want to listen to it, it made me sleepy.

But for the problems this game has, it was still executed decently. All the powerups worked when I got them, the physics were good, and it can make for an okay game for a casual gamer. So a 6/10 since most of the important things worked.


Just another breakout clone. Nothing was really bad about it, though.