Reviews for "Intimate"

Dude, this is like most beautiful song I ever heard just from playing your Rhythm doctor, reminds me of my first heartrub with someone special to me. Im surprised i didnt see this on spotify or im just having a hard time finding it, anyhow I HOPE someone big finds your game like a big youtuber because this deserve much love.

Nice :)

This song really gives the feels to whoever plays rhythm doctor. It gives you this nice feeling, like you have this tingle in your mind that everything's okay. Personal new favorite. <3

My favorite song in the entire game. Most games-Rhythm Heaven Fever, for example-take the player's rhythmic actions slower. In RD, however, it's still pretty fast, making it my favorite level in the entire game.

Love this song so much, it's so nice, and personally I think it sounds sort of bittersweet. Not sure if it's supposed to be bittersweet, but that's how I hear it. Such a good song.