Reviews for "Adventurous Eric"


excellent game you've made.

everything matched up... the music the style and the gameplay was really in sync and spoke to the same dialog.

once again. excellent game and very original. art work and all.

Did you draw those?!

This was a very interesting look into a cat's day, the art was really good.


That was super cute ^^


This is a nice game. It's peaceful, and fun. It's like a little cartoon, with some Mouse Avoider-type stuff thrown in. I love games like this, where you need dexterity to play them. Mofunzone always makes great games, and this is one of their shining stars. It's short, pretty, and fun to play. 10 and 5.

Great Game!

Is awesome and challenging for me :P 10/10 i liked the music, is.... how interesant, classic ... i don't know ... and the artwork is very good is a classic yeah!