Reviews for "Adventurous Eric"

Best of its kind

I've played many mouse maze games, mostly created by 8 year olds in under an hour. This is the first time I really enjoyed playing this kind of game. I just wish I was better at it so I could see it all.

The graphics and...

well, just everything is awesome. Do it again?.........vp

like it

this is a nice peaceful game, and it gets away from simple shotting games, this must of taken ages to make with the artwork which is one reason why i appreciate it so much. This is also a nice game about the life of a cat and i really like this game.

Lovely Game

Visually I enjoyed it, the crayon sketched look, very much reminded me of my childhood books (i.e. the hungry caterpillar, the way it was animated helped reinforce this aswell). The gameplay was original, user friendly (maybe bit awkward if your on a laptop) and at times challenging but always fun and never frustrating. Well done.


Loved the original artwork. Looking forward to a sequel!