Reviews for "Adventurous Eric"


my mouse sucks, but i rly liked the idea man. the sound and the graphics combine with the theme. and cats are so cute =) make it longer!


Not my type of game by far. but it was rather well put together and i did love the music. so good job!! awesome for what it is =3

I love kittys.

Fantastic game[ i love cats] but the music could of been a little better great game though.


Cute AND entertaining! Like to see some more!

Great Game!

Great Game! Love the art work, the pencil sketching worked nicely

The music was nice, and the game itself was very interesting, i loved it :)
A bit of constructive critisism, the game is a little glitchy in the third section, other than that, it was perfect

My score : 113 secs.
0 mistakes BEAT THAT!!!