Reviews for "Adventurous Eric"

kind of heart warming


well simply cause i really love animals and i own a cat :D
kind of nice to see there are some nice peacefull games other than those mass gore and killing games...even tough they are all frigging awsome :D
love it


really really is strange kind ofgame but i love it

Interesting and fun!

I had a lot of fun playing it! It was a game unlike any other I've ever played. I just wish it was a bit longer, or there were more levels. But really cute!

simple, but brilliant

I must say, this game is very original and not what I expected. The fact the story is so simple, makes it really brilliant. The drawings are very nicely made too and the music fits in. Too bad only you are really focused on the white lines, so you cant really see the actions eric performs. A well earned 9 in my opinion.


interesting concept for a game never played anything close to it
loved the hand drawn look to it
plus the music fit really well
look forward to seeing more from you keep up the good work