Reviews for "Adventurous Eric"


But a little too short, maybe.

That's one cool cat.

I really like this game. I'm especially digging the music. What's the song? (5/5 9/10)


I had fun with this game. I just wish my mouse was a little more accurate! I'm sans mousepad, so had a little unnecessary difficulty with this. I especially enjoyed the "simple" (in a good way) color pencil/oil sketch style. The animations worked really well with the progress of the mouse motion.

Wish I could have gone a bit further, but I'll come back to it when my mouse problem is cleared up.

I'd give this a 7.5 if that were an option.


And who says animals can't think. Love this game.

challenging yet fun!

next time you can make it a bit easier so it wont be as frustrating to win. haha. it will help. haha. but it was a great game. awesome graphics and the idea of a cat is so cute. you couldve added more action to it. however the simplicity of it amused me. all in all this game is great and creative! (: