Reviews for "Adventurous Eric"

Decent game

Well I will say this was a decent game and I like the things you can do but it's a bit short and kind of hard so I would say ad more stuff that can allow you to progress a lot better but it's was a fun game overall anyways nice job

Fun game maybe adding more stuff though


Hard, Short... and interesing

fantastic drawing graphic, nice story but...
mouse maze...
i fell pain... i hate this thing of game
but coat of this mouse maze game is excelent and cute...
very interesing combination

good game!!

hey its a good game but for me its kind of hard

to short

i had fun playing it is to short.
i finished after three minutes and i wish it would be more challanging

Well done.

A nice twist to the typical "Follow the path with your mouse" games. Offered a good challenge, and the music and animation were very well done. A bit aggravating at times, but nothing I couldn't stand.