Reviews for "Lucid Space"

It's not like asteroids

But it's still fun as hell. The ship is a little sluggish, but it's just fast enough to get you through all of the crazy amount of fire. It's very well balanced. The health and fire/teleporter bar replenishers spawned in just the right amount. Thank you for sharing this with us. Great work.

great game

its a sweet game but i will agree that some more power ups would be super sweet

Damn it :D

Great game :) reminds me an old good laser age made ages ago by Ingava :) it still could use some power ups or maybe different weapons. Although its amazingly fun for it's only 256 kb ! :D

Fun nonetheless

Definitely could use some powerups for variety, but as far as a Galaga type game, I definitely enjoy it. More variation in movement than Galaga.

Pretty cool...

way to upgrade some Retro. The graphics and audio fit nice with the smooth controls. Nice effort.............vp