Reviews for "**Halo-Remix**"

you got good music

i love your music, i would like to ask you if you could do music for my website and join my team or something that would be good and like i said your website is good my website address is on my profile kk

Dj-Rec0il responds:

well id love to make music 4 your website :) and im happy you liekd it :) peace out and see ya soon :)


guitar sounds like daft punk like it love it man make more

this is the good shit

never played Halo .....NICE SHIT !
to all noobys : just listen to this shit!

One thing wrong with it...

It doesn't go on forever D=
Other than that flaw, it was the best halo remix I've ever heard.


sound like techno/ rock i think its impossible to make but you proved me wrong