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Reviews for "Asteroid Rush"

The Experiment is a success

It all goes together so very well... and I especially like how the difficulty increases so subtly that all of a sudden I noticed there are asteroids everywhere on the screen!

JGOware responds:

Thanks! That was part of the experiement, to find out how many roids I could get on the screen before slow down. Even on my low end box, it was cranking out quite a few before any slow down.

seizure alert

what are you trying to kill me!
very addictive add upgrade and sheilds or something

Pretty good for an experiment

Fun, fast-paced shooter; I wouldn't say that it needs "improvement," exactly, but there are a lot of things that could add to the gameplay. Asteroids breaking each other on impact would be pretty cool, as would earning cash in addition to points to spend on ship upgrades, extra bombs, extra lives, and such. It might also be fun to see the occasional alien ship, like in classic Asteroids. Just a few ideas, there really is a lot you could do with this should you choose to update it.

JGOware responds:

Good stuff. Thanks for the input. ;)


Awesome potential. "demo" (i hope? :) ) The asteroids looked amazing by the way. hope to see more features!

Has potential, but right now, it's boring

Game is simple enough, but indeed, it is experimental-just didn't feel like a complete game. I primarily give ratings based on gameplay, and shooting at only asteroids, no matter how pretty the effects are, can't really hold anyone's interest for long. Still, if you were just testing some code, this could be the base for an even cooler SHMUP.

I felt that it took longer than it should for the action to really pick up, though. (around 500000 points or so).
There are many things you could do with this if you ever come back to it in order to make it a good vertical shooter. Make enemies with different patterns, separate stages, an upgrade system of some sort. Pretty sure you know what else goes in.