Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 19"

Well, that was certainly... entertaining!

First off, I want to say that it's an honor to be a part of this wonderfully crafted series that obviously has a dedicated fanbase deserving of such a good production :). I spent a good chunk of my day going back and watching all of the previous episodes, and I have to say good work to everyone involved! I really look forward to working with you all more in the future! I voiced Lucca in this episode, by the way ^_^

Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed working on the series, you really did a good job at Lucca. I'm furthermore glad to hear you'll be back again; after all, lord knows I don't ever want to have to go through endless recasting hell ever again!

About time

Well, it certainly took you long enough to get this one out. Love the voice acting, although I felt the episode dragged too long and barely went anywhere. You should have less text and faster pacing or you won't reach Magus until the 100th episode.

Clovis15 responds:

We're looking into tightening up the pacing of episodes, but before we can even try to do that we have to first finish off all the entaglements we're currently in. The first episode we could possibly experiment with this in would actually be Episode 21, you'll understand why once you've seen Episode 20.

One of the best ones yet

The comedy in this episode is top notch, and I felt that the use of voicing was well done. granted I voiced the Chancellor myself, but everyone did a great job with the lines. Counter to the review below me, I don't see the animation as shoddy for not voicing the whole episode, though I definitely agree that is a good place for improvement in the series overall.

I was particularly amazed with the time vortex scene, getting them to not reset position in moving up and down when they changed facial expressions is an amazing flash programming feat, my hats off to you for that one, in particular.

Clovis15 responds:

The key is to give the specific instances of your movie objects names, and do this for the movie objects inside of the movie objects as well. Then you just use commands such as _root.marle1.marle2.play(); (knowing that you specifically have the inner movie object laden with stops at various key points). Once that's done, you make the outter movie object contain the actual bobbing up and down of the floating motion.

It's not that I didn't enjoy it...

And I was digging the ending credits (Iria was awesome), but you guys should have made a commitment regarding the voice acting. Just personal opinion, but that should be an all or nothing type deal.

To me it made the animation seem shoddy and not fully thought out with some parts having great voice acting, and others with nothing at all. There wasn't even a logical flow to what parts were voice acted and what parts weren't, sorta like the scenes were picked out of a hat.

Overall, 3/6.

10 as always lol

these are always funny,its good chrono is still around and good job with the voice acting!DNT MAKE ME TAkE OUT MY OTHER SWORD [quote frm chrono]...lol i wish i was had the money for flash all i of help i am for anyone on newgrounds is sprites and sprite edits lol

Clovis15 responds:

Custom spriters can actually be a lot of help, since I'm not really that great a sprite maker myself. If you want to, get in touch with me.