Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 19"

song stuck in my head and badass

poor chrono, wants to slip in a coma xD this is why this series is lulz


i dont get to finish reading the post bonus scene thing! You should make that stay until you click a button or press space, like the talking

A nice little story

The series is a nice twist to a classic game. I just wish it would progress faster. Do you plan on continuing until you finish the game, or become extremely bored and quit? At this rate it seems like it would take a very large amount of episodes to cover the entire game. Also, the jokes become somewhat repetitive at times.


honestly i think the episode that clovis15 wasn't around for should be edited and with dubbing and the background should be fixed and some of the pixelation is sloppy but its a good series just needs some editing that's all id give it an 11 out of 5


ever since crono met the 'talking' cat (he was doped on ether, c'mon!) and then traveled to the past and met a hippie frog (maybe they were all ether-doped and even thought he was a frog) all the way to Marle 'revealing' she was Princess Nadia (Gee... thanks Captain Obvious!) and going to the castle to get locked and executed, when he shouldn't freed Fritz... who 'raped' a 14 yr old, and now the 3 of them are captured and im waiting for them to finally delevop the plot to the time travel part to the 'future' in this new exciting installment of:

Chrono... Trigger... Undoped... err, i meant Unglued!