Reviews for "Max & Carol"


This is very awesome & sooo LOL with Carol's smile.

Everytime I see Carol's smile it reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's movie Alice In Wonderland.

I love the book, the movie, & Judith.


The style that you have chosen to present this image in is perfect! It captures the spirit of both the wild things and of Max. I can really see their characters being portrayed in this! Keep up the great work!



If that isn't wild I don't know what is.

Good Times

Ahh, yes, I remember this book now. From when I was little :D. Personally I love it, except that Max's nose could be a little wider and shorter. That's just my personal opinion. I only gave you a 9 because I feel I give too many 10s. Btw, how does this kid get into the land? I forgot.

How is this getting 10's?

He ripped off a wildly popular children's book that's being made into a (probably) wildly popular movie. Newgrounders, you really need to stop throwing out 10's because you think something looks cool.

brycemilburn responds:

duh i ripped off a children's book, its fan art...