Reviews for "Max & Carol"


Great art, the book was my most cherished while i was a kid.
Can't Wait to see the movie on friday.

love it

i remember i reading the book when i was little


you caught the feeling of the art perfectly. Kudos on bringing a wave of childhood memories back to NG masses.

Oh Man Did I Love That Book!

I even danced to the song "Wild Thing" even so that is unrelated subject matter.

Chances are you probably seen the trailer for the new movie and thus got inspired to do this. Regardless of possible media pandering, this is a nice piece. It might not be so wide and extraordinary on a scale of grandmaster epic-ness. It might not have a wide variety of colors to induce a level of realism ala Alex Ross. It might not be as surreal or mind screwing as M.C. Escher or Salvador Dali. It might not be as extravagantly experimental like Van Gogh or Picasso. It might not raise such questions and controversy the way Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol could do. But I do see much effort put into each individual strand of hair on Carol's mouth and chin. I have to say I truly wish to go to the place where the wild things are. That, and it is very cute.

P.S. I don't if the movie is going to do well considering the fact the way most movies based on children's books turn out, especially one as short as the book in question. The trailer looks mighty fine though.

very beautiful

i can tell you took your time doing this and i have to say it shows. You have truly made max and carol more updated. this should be for the teaser poster. good job man good job. i hope to see some more of your work in the near future.