Reviews for "Brawl 4"

Admitedly, this flash is terribly animated, has distorted audio and shoddy jokes. Yet, it has a charm to it which made me giggle for an extensive length of time. Good show sir :)

my ears just got raped

Almost anything can be used as an outlet for creativity. And I really appreciate it to see an emotion like anger as one such outlet, and you've done it so well. Granted, my ears are bleeding from the end of it because of the...audio, but it's still a great movie.

I'm also watching this after seeing Street Fighter Chode, and I must say, your flash animation skills have improved immensely, and I wish the best for you and your future endeavors.

Who knew hatred could be so dang funny. I mean i dislike the fact of the total utter hatred toward both Kirb and Rina, but Oh My Glob this was so over the top to the point that i couldnt stop laughing at how stupid the video is. all i could think is you have to be alone in the house to do that kind of screaming. I cant help but laugh at your hate.

Half the video sounds like a song by Radiohead listened from inside the water.