Reviews for "Brawl 4"

should upload the ending credits song

yup that theres a match of superfriends bowling right there and you even got the music to the letter

Let me be clear here:

I'm fairly neither of them deserve this. True, they did give us brawl taunts... but thats in the past now. I understand that this was made back in 09. But still, Just look at kirb now: he has some great animations under his belt.

As for rina... I haven't really heard anything about her really... but still, she has a solid voice, she may not be funny, but she could do good as a voice actor, if given the right role. Just saying.

Besides, no one deserves this kind of hate... their are exceptions, such as Kim-jun...something... Osama bin ladin, Miley Cyrus, Justin bieber, so on, so forth.

You get a gold star for trying.

2... oh my gosh...
i actually like kirbiphore and rinachanel.
i like this a bit though... not really though. the others were better. lol

HOLY ****. This is the best example of crazy super stupid random sh*t that somehow makes me do what bobthekiller3 did. nonsense.