Reviews for "Brawl 4"

Good shit

Fuck all you haters, random screaming is funny as shit! My favorite part is when he kept yelling about the thing! MAKE MOAR


all the yelling, I realize that you don't like people who do good funny flash, but this is tasteless, stupid and not funny, like no one would find this funny, your like that wow kid who had his wow taken away and hitting your self with a shoe?

Spazkid responds:

good funny flash...are you referring to rina chunk and Kirbyfour cuz if so you have low taste in humor

Just... Why?

This was a poor effort. It had little reasonable humor, and the sound quality just sucked. It was just screaming... The animation was just crap, you can't even call it a style.

Also, I don't understand why you should dump this on to Newgrounds, this isn't a place where artists should make flash that insult other artists. I'm sorry, but this just sucked, and I would give it a lower score if I could...

Spazkid responds:

-Poor effort

-sound quality

-Bad animation

remind you of somebody?

you know....

I can yell too


um... not really sure what to say about that. i didn't find it to be really funny or interesting. The screaming was just kinda annoying.