Reviews for "Hotel Management"

good game for sure

I have to agree with GOLDASSASSIN after awhile my fingers almost started to bleed from constant clicking. Its good for off the bat but once you get further into the game there is waaaayyyyy toooo much on your plate. I'd have upgrades that kept customers happier with long waits or possibly upgrades that took customers to designated area's for you.


thanks for this game i was kind of worried i wouldn't find anymore games like this. this game rocks. it's a great challenge.

I Beat The Game

I had no trouble beating this game at all it was nice the purple haired celebritys where tight and i always pulled in more money then thegoal so we need to up the goal i ran out of things to buy half way through the game but other then that its perfect


Final Score 11317 $ ^_^


It was qiok, next time make more levels and more upgrades!