Reviews for "A Thanksgiving Soundboard"

Simple yet awesome

Yea it was just a bunch of sounds but it was still great XD

ForNoReason responds:

And so are you XD

Too funny

This was too cute of a soundboard,having the messages sound like a turkey gobble was genius and brought a big smile to my face and with it going to the theme that was going on made it all the better,the one thing that was flawed was the lack of effort for a good background/layout but other then that this was a great soundboard. =)

ForNoReason responds:

Yeah, my next one will have a better layout to it. I made this for fun and had a few hours to kill in a hotel room. Thanks for reviewing.


Well ive taken turkey in high school for 4 years and im sure u got it down. i understood it all perfectily thank you for showing the world!

ForNoReason responds:

Im glad I got the correct translations =p Thanks man!

Puts me in the Thanksgiving spirit.

I actually speak fluent turkey, and you accented the turkey's voice in the incorrect area on "I may die soon." Don't worry, I made that mistake all the time when I was learning to speak turkey in middle school. I love how seemingly pointless this soundboard is, but the fact that it is so random is the main principle that makes it so funny. Plus I am enamored by that turkey in the middle of the soundboard, I can't help but gaze into its eyes.

I heard that Turkey in the Straw song playing and I couldn't help but laugh, plus there are sadly not a lot of songs that feature the word "turkey" in the title. It was amusing to see all of the turkey dialogue you collected for the soundboard, it must have been difficult to find. When the Thanksgiving 2009 collection arrives, I will surely recommend this for it. Keep up the good work!

ForNoReason responds:

lol thank you sir. Your words are kind and very uplifting.

I don't get it but

Cause I don't get it's actually funny :3