Reviews for "A Thanksgiving Soundboard"

What else to do lol

Im sure it took some time to get the sounds for this. I like how the "i eat poo" is the only one with a deeper voice lol. Its pretty funny and I enjoyed clicking on each one!! Funny saying's also, made me laugh.


I had a great time wasting my time XD

Silly, stupid, purile, but damn funny.

Hilarious to the point of me nearly peeing my underwear given that it's a sound board doesn't matter, a breath of fresh comedic air that all people should take with little and few expectations other than to be entertained.

Good Job, job done well.

lolz entertaining

I love the "i love your voice" part

ForNoReason responds:

Thanks =3

Small Problem

In the button that says No the turkey says "goolblegolbe" when he should be saying "gollblegoolbe"

ForNoReason responds:

DAMN! Ill fix it. Thanks!