Reviews for "Issue 1"


but fun


What a scary game and artwork.Keep some horroric music and this horror game would be complete.

CutelilDeadGirl responds:

Thanks~ :D

Sweet Magic

Always a treat to see your artwork used in such horrific ways. Seems like you've come a long way in terms of coding, also. The music, the art style, the color (or lack of); they all fit together so well. My only critique is to watch your stage boarders; I can see just a little bit outside of the area that I was intended. It may just be with my computer, but when you expand the game, it gets even worse. I'd suggest you make your own stage on the top most layer that blacks out a good portion of the area outside the stage, that's what I do.

Otherways, congratulation on another wonderful game completed!



The difficult and generic interface was compensated for by nice and interesting art and animation. The attacks/deaths were inspired, I see this scoring quite well.

looks cool

but I walkled to the far right endge of the screen and my player disappeared and I couldn't get him back. Great art though, looks like it has potential!