Reviews for "Kiss of a Harpist"

this music is very good, can i use it in my game?

larrylarrybb responds:

Yes that's fine.

Superb song, packed with awesome. Found it from the game below (IdleByte on Kong).

larrylarrybb responds:


I don't give a rating of 5/5 to everything, but you deserve the respect for this one. The melody and harmony mesh together absolutely perfectly, and the bass rather than being overpowering, compliments them. I first heard this on denisolenison's idlebytes, genius to put this into an idle game--makes you want to keep on clicking ;-D--, and the fade-out/fade-in is a perfect way of working around the looping .mp3 problem in flash. I can loop this one for inspiration while I write my novel. Kudos, man. Keep on jamming.

can i put this on sound cloud?

larrylarrybb responds:

It's already on my soundcloud, but yeah you can put on yours too!

I tried to write a long 100 page length essay explaining why I love this song so much but three things happened
1)I got bored
2) I ran out of paper and analogy's to use
3)i wanted to listen to the song more and forgot to save word…oops.
To be honest I'm a tough critic yet I have to give this five stars as I love the happy melody it holds to gratefully. Thank you Larry for this masterpiece you've made.