Reviews for "Kyovs.Kyo Kof Death Match"

Good for a flash game

Except in the menu it says "TRANNING" instead of "TRAINING." Not trying to point out flaws, just trying to help improve the game. Really good.

twistedlord4 responds:

Yea the game was found from a website and they must have issues with the spelling at times

Its very important, can you please give me the name of the song when they are fighting the background music? i really need it, its my childhood, or do you have a MP3 download for it?

twistedlord4 responds:

Neither buddy sorry :/

its a king of fight 97


But is just a demo...
mmmm....jejeje but i liked

twistedlord4 responds:

Thanks i apperciate it.

Not bad at all