Reviews for "Polarized"

I love the way you combined techno with a little bit of a jazz sound. Great work!

I don't know. This song is nice to listen to, but there's something that the song is missing. It seems to be missing a bit of...Soul....

It's relaxing and enjoyable, well composed and nothing is too loud or quiet.

I really fucking like that click every 2 and 4 beats. The sidechain and chords made me smile. Great work man. But I still feel like there isn't passion put into this song, I just don't hear the "UHMPF" of true hard work. I imagine you worked hard for this, but it sounds to me that there is a perceivable passion put into people's work that other people can see.

Anyway, I think a 4.5 is well deserved.

DJM4C responds:

Missing? Well everyone has their personal opinions, maybe I just don't see it. Thank you for the review and for enjoying it :D

A really good track, but that pitch rise at 2:30 doesnt fit in

This is a very good song!
And my condolences go out to you DJM4C.... It sucks when you break your arm, hell at least it wasn't your hand!
Anyways good song
Doesn't get repetitive, keeps the beat up, continues on bringing it on, and never letting up!
4/5 ( just seemed to be missing something?)

P.S. Hope the arm isn't too bad and hope it heals right up!

DJM4C responds:

thanks a lot man, I appreciate the review greatly :)

Nice new song man, too bad it had to cost you an arm. Patch up that thing, hope it's not too painful, well, just get well soon man. Been there, done that, sucks balls.

Overall good song, the mixing and mastering is good, it jussed misses some coherence. It might have been a bit better if it would have returned somewhat more often to the "base" of the song. For example, the part between 2:30-3:00, just lasted too long, perhaps shortening that one down would bring it all together a bit better. It wasn't bad though, it did have a good feeling, but most build-ups should just be shortened.

Sorry for the crude words while you're there with a broken arm but I think you deserve a good review nonetheless. Break the builds some more, arms less and it would've been one of the best I've heard. 4/5, 7/10. Keep practicing, you got this.

Greetz, Tomster1000

DJM4C responds:

Well if it isn't the loyal reviewer :D, thanks as usual! Maybe I will make the builds shorter in the future. Hope you've had a good holiday!