Reviews for "3D Runner Arcade"

Damn this game!

It's about as addictive as jacking off and cigarettes; I couldn't, for the life of me, stop.

I'm in class, and I'm just casually blamming and saving flashes, when I stumbled across this thing...I was going to briefly play it, and vote accordingly, but FML, it had me ensnared.

Time, after time, after time, I kept trying to beat my own score. Students over my shoulder gave it a shot, and it just got worse and worse. As I got closer to beating my own score, I would get more and more outraged whenever I died.

This game is addicting as hell. Mad props! The only thing I would add are transitioning backgrounds...like, every 200 distance it would shift into something new with some cool, distracting effects, to up the challenge.

Voted five!

Rather Unusual

But i like it, this is the kinda game you can play nonstop for hours, its simple yet its pleasing to the eye and somewhat addictive, i only wish i could maybe change the box or floor colors and maybe put a Groovy background

Hey I Like This Game!

This is fun and addictive AND it has music!