Reviews for "Medieval Musical"

Copy&Paste soundhacker "this is great"

Haha :D

this is great


Medieval Awesomeness

Wagner would be proud!

What in the world did I just watch?

That flash was so crazy it was funny. I had a weird feeling in my stomach almost forcing me to laugh, so I did.

Anyways, although the graphics weren't the best, I commend you for the writing (as silly as it was). A lot of the singing was monotone, but it was quite humorous; so if that is what you were going for, you nailed it.

Good job on the musical. Even though it was really different and weird, it worked!

(P.S. If it's any consolation for YOU, I would give it a 7.5 but there is no decimal system. However, I just CAN'T pull myself to round up. :3)

Kampf Kampf Kampf dem Drachen ^^

He coole Idee nur das singen müsst ihr noch üben ; ) Trotzallem hat Spaß gemacht

He cool idea, you just have to practise singing. But i had fun afterall