Reviews for "Dance Off!"



Daily 3rd only?

Should be 1st

loved it

loved the music loved the art style great animation... plz plz plz and i cant beg anymore plz make a mini animaton about the blue haired snake girl.... i loved her soo cute >.<


wont you take me to funkey town lolz awesome!

Good good fun

I really enjoyed watching that. Good fun, and it never takes itself too seriously. There are some nice touches on some of the animation. It's great that the keyboard matches up with the notes of the song, unlike other artists who plonk keys down without any resemblance of time.

This was a very fun flash, but my only real complaint about this flash is the timing. It's supposed to be a dance-off, but unfortunately, a lot of time is spent on lip-syncing or just posing, and this fills up way too much time. There are just a few too many places where the characters remain static. Where the characters pulled out the ol' disco/breakin' moves that was really sweet. If this flash gave an arsenal of all of the classic (or groan-inducing) dance moves then it would be that much heaps better.

However, I do understand this was made for a deadline, but I think maybe there was a bit too little happening in certain parts. It however, was completely fun for the entire flash, and it certainly grabs your attention, and this is what's so good about this flash.