Reviews for "Dance Off!"

where have i seen that art style before

it looks alot like the art from the scott pilgrim series any way i thought the animation was nice :D thats all

i got 2 questions

1.)is that edd from eddsworld?

2.)does ANYBODY AT ALL make this remind you of one of those cartoons i used to watch as a kid

overall perfect 10/10

One of my favorites

This is one of my absolute favorite videos on newgrounds. Nice music. Nice animation. 10 stars.


Th-the-the-they d-danced b-b-better th-than h-him....
Voldemort Voldemort Oh Voldy Voldy Voldy Voldemort!!!
But in all seriousness... THAT WAS GREAT!!
I loved the animation, and the idea! It was all great!!!
That girl in the straight jacket was kind of creepy though...

Animation is great

It was a pretty weird thing to watch, but you made up for it for just being so cool. I didn't even know that was part of the entire song (meaning I thought they were separate songs). It just helps that the animation is so slick and everything fits together well. That one guy with the sharp teeth reminded me of Suigetsu from "Naruto". I especially like how the main character is just such a positive and likeable character. You only see him for about three minutes, but you get a great impression of him.