Reviews for "Dance Off!"

can't have a dance off without an MJ move!

very nice animation, especially for a Flash. Must have taken time to create--loved the character design as well. I thought it would be like those stupid shows that CN shows on TV, but this was actually entertaining. And i laughed at the Michael Jackson part--rest the guys soul. Nice work!

lol wtf

a bit random and stupid. the clicking was off time aswell. long animation and very creative


I thought it was awesome flash. The guys at Uni most have loved it! Forget what all of these guys say. I mean sure they have their reasons for hating it but damn.. they don't have to make a fucking case about it. Keep doing your thing man. This shit was on fire!


Although, the other guys should've won instead.

The Dance animation was smooth

But your length of showcasing them were a tad off-putting. Make the dance sequences longer and the animation would have been a higher quality. Other than that nice style and keep animating.