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Reviews for "Stickfight(first flash)"


this is your first flash>!?!?! its realy good loose the muisic tho dosent fit

Great Beginning

Good stick fight video, especially for a first. The timing is super fast. Good animations normally vary up the time and makes sure that the movements are enunciated well so that the audience can understand them. I like that you use different motifs that morph into other ones (multiple diamond to a crystal).

Stick film quality is skyrocketing.

This is actually the second decent stickfight film I've seen today. I don't know how well it will hold up in the long run, but it's definitely a good first flash.

I like the fast paced, always changing animation. The music made it cartooney. But yes...you will need to create caracters with fingers and faces as soon as possible. Also feel free to put in a background...make it longer...and all that. All in all, great stickfight. :)

Not bad

Don't be so hard on yourself; this isn't bad at all. The stick fighting thing really isn't original, but you did a damn good job with it.