Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

It goes straight to the bios

no matter how long i waited, it still went straight to the bios. Specifically, it went straight to Tom Fulp's bio. Coincidence? Maybe. But maybe not.
On an earlier occasion, I tried the game, and wasn't too pleased with it at all. It just got too tedious after a while.

Magical-Zorse responds:

okay, cool

Boring..very dull

Played it, beat it, more bored now than when i started.
It's a game of a zelda trading side quest. There is a reason people bother completing a trading game, they get something good in return for enduring it's tediousness. All I got was a screen saying "Thanks for finding my pix, u baet teh gaim." I feel cheated out 10 minutes of my life.

It's a game <.<, the controls work, music is alright, and that about ends the pros.

Character moves too slow.
Felt like a slide show of MSPaint drawings w/ chat bubbles.
^Also felt like it was something just pulled out of your rump within a days time while also punching in some over used "back tracking paths" to cause the next trade to be on the opposite end of the game from where you picked up the last item... to give it extra play time value.
^ felt like stopping 2 minutes in knowing there was nothing else to the game other than trading shit for a pick, but didn't and still don't know why I thought different. Probably did not believe anyone could be that slow and uncreative.

So, to all the people who ignore the voice in the back of your mind thats screaming for you to speak the truth but decide to spit lies to make a person feel good over the crap they produce, hit that little minus symbol and tell me I'm wrong and why this is frontpage worthy.

Everyone else who disregards courtesy over the truth, $5 says this comment is removed by newgrounds for being honest... just to suck up to blamable material like this.

Magical-Zorse responds:

Before I get to the actual response, I just want to say that this wasn't on the front page, nor was it front page-worthy.

And actually, it's nice to find someone who didn't like this and actually take the time to write a well thought out review, although there are a few things I must point out.
1. I didn't put people so far away from each other on purpose, I just put them in random places, so I guess that was something I did wrong.
2. Some people actually like this game, and only a few people who said it was good are probably lying.

So I'm glad your review was well though out, but it is a little rant-y


This game is BORING. Whats the point, just going left, right, talking to dudes. All I do is waiting, cause it takes too long to go from one screen to another. Then talking to dudes far from me... Thats ANNOYING. I didnt like anything about this game. The art is common, the gameplay, as I said, is awful, its not even funny or rewarding. I dont give it a zero because we can obviously see some effort on it. But I think its one of the worst games Ive ever played.

Magical-Zorse responds:

ok, cool

This counts as a game?

So after holding left for 4 minutes, I get to a pick, hold right for 4 minutes, and nothing in the instructions tell me how I'm supposed to give it up. Even if it worked, the concept of the game is just to look nice and donate to Child's Play. It's a nice cause, but a crappy game for a good cause is still a crappy game.

It barely constitutes as game play, there is no enjoyment value in this game. You would be better off just recreating Pong and use the add revenue from that to help.

Sure it has a cool look to it, but what makes a game is the "gaming" part, which this lacks almost entirely.

Magical-Zorse responds:

you spelled ad wrong


how the hell did i just play that game.....

try adding some variaty...
somthing more than walking left/right/left/right OMG DOWN/left/ right/ left/ right

Magical-Zorse responds:

I think you mean "Why the hell did I just play that game" You put "How the hell did I just play that game". That makes no sense because you already said how to play it.