Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"


Fun game, fun to play, not too long and not too short.
I also played the first one before I did this.
The only medals I didn't get are the secret hidden ones. xD
Keep it up though, I enjoyed this.

weird but

fun good job


game was kool (the secret movie is to click on seven's right shoe in the bios)
The hidden flash go to vinces bio and click where his nose should be LOL

K :D

Great game

Just gets really annoying after a while since the walk from one NPC to another is kinda long :P


Overall a pretty good low res game and very enjoyable just like the first one. The music is very catchy and addicting to listen to. The gameplay is way to simple, but hey, what do you expect and the medals are a nice touch. I really enjoyed the Plant Love movie; it was interesting and touching.

Overall, pretty fun game and I would love to see another made. :)

Magical-Zorse responds:

I kinda liked it too