Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"


this game is the perfect culmination of all the different genres. Shooter, adventure, RPG, racing, etc, and it pulls them all of so brilliantly!

Especially the cameo i made in it. I have a feeling that if that were not there, the game would have been a total loss, but you have saved it from the depths of hell and brought back a little extra. Kudos to you.

Quite certainly the best game i have ever played in my days, and i look forward to more from you.

Magical-Zorse responds:

Thanks, fluffy. I couldn't have done it without you :3


Bit old school looking A.

Magical-Zorse responds:



Loved the game, mindless trading just keeps me hooked for some reason. x3
Could also be all the brightly coloured areas~

And to the bunch below me, glad to see there's still some decency when it comes to respecting authors and their flashes. :3

Pretty Nice.

I beat the game in about 45 minutes. It was fun to play, and the music choices seemed perfect. Also a good time killer. The only problem I really had was that I thought you move to slow. Other than that, a great game overall.

Magical-Zorse responds:

it usually takes around 7-10 minutes


that's cool