Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

Cool Game

even though it can be frustrating finding the right people at the beginning of the game theres something about it that makes you want to keep playing.

only problem i have is getting the 'awshum' medal. ive spent more than 5mins on the instructions and the medal is still locked. kinda frustrating cause i only need that one then ive got all medals :(

Simplicity at its best.

A very simple game, especially the gameplay. Simple graphics, but it still works like a charm. A pleasant little game.

Funny Game

I just found this game wandering on the site.
I played and I finished it, it shows that I really loved this game .
It's not a game that rips with crazy graphics and animation of the future, but it's a pleasant game that I'm sure is full of private jokes and second degrees. Well done and continues to entertain us ^^


Awesome !

All this for a guitar pick

The best thing about this is just how simple the game is. Yeah, the graphics are pretty subtle, but the more basic part is how easy the gameplay works. You basically just go on and on listening to everybody and picking things up for them. If you miss anything, you can go back any time you want anywhere you want. I am so glad you are working on things like the Child's Play Charity. By putting medals with points on them in a game, you really know how to attract more people to playing the game.