Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"


but only something for your programming... in the bio, when you press the left arrow button when you are on alec description, it doesn't go to the robot k-guare but to the fluffkomix one... beside that it is unreprochable!!!


Wasn't able to get 2 of the medals.


Loved the spongebob backround and the walking style.

Magical-Zorse responds:

Sevenseize is pretty cool

I can't believe I played through the whole thing.

I was going to give you a 9 but then I decided to give you 10. Why? Because there is a certain charm and personality to the thing that I just can't quite put my finger on. It makes me smile. Along with ad rev going to charity, you've created one of the most endearing games on here.
Keep up the kick-ass work.

Child's Play Charity. Google it.


I gave you a good rating, for the sake of the charity, but I can't bear to play this game for longer than five minutes. If you want to do the children a favor, make something that's enjoyable, and not a game that's simply a mindless, pointless, "Walk left, then right" game. There's no action, no puzzles... not even nice graphics. If I felt like running stupid errands for an hour, I'm sure I could find someplace to do that in real life and get paid for it. I think that's called a job.