Reviews for "Seven's Second Adventure"

spongebob at end of junge lol

This is a good game, and but very, repetitive the bios are funny, lol. The two secret flashes are in the bios, one is by clicking on SevenSeize's shoe. And the second one is in John's bio. Somewhere near his eyes. Hope it helped, and good flash. Repetitive but funny.

It's good.

It's time consuming, the artwork is decent, and the medals are easy... Although, the one medal where you want people to wait over 5 minutes in the instructions would be better if it was shortened by a minute or two.. I mean, no one takes five minutes to read that little :P


Fantastic!I passed so much time with this game, that i had headakes!Its very good!

I Love The Arctic Monkeys too :D

i was actually listening to them when playing this game so i was suprized when i saw the words "arctic monkeys" but this is an awesome game :D and dont stop making games like this i love these types of games.

Magical-Zorse responds:

okay, just don't shoot me with that dart gun