Reviews for "Pencilmation #10"


Definetly better than the past few. I think the hand makes the pencil seem...tame. I like it in the first few when it had no hand and showed little to no mercy.

Otherwise, I thought this was great. The happy ending was kind of funny; I was waiting for something bad to happen!

very creative!

this kind of animation has been done before, but you have very sucessfully made it unique to your own design. the story was catchy and not boring at all even tho the vid was longer than i thought. :) great sense of humor too, not childish but not 18+ so everyone can enjoy. keep up the awsome work!!


I like how your humor evolved. It's much wittier with the voices and the absurdness, while being less random. The sounds are also enjoyable for the ear. Continue. After X-mas, I'll gladly offer you my services as a voice ^^ I'd love to go "bla bla" :DxD That's probably the most worthy words ever:P

Wow, a happy ending!?

lol, i love your animations. Im surprised you didn't make the boat sink though XD

And as Far as "aprime's" comment went, i agree there is something lacking that was in some of your older pencilmations, but for the most part your still contributing a better then good piece of work. I'd have to say its the "randomness" that seems to be a bit absent. But I dont doubt you, thinking animations up isn't as simple as criticizing them.