Reviews for "Pencilmation #10"

hahahaha hilarious.

it's really cute that he covered himself with the float XD
didnt expect a happy ending heh

And that one was fun.

by: cool-guy32
date: May 15, 2010LOL, Finnally one with a happy ending!
Anwser: Because that mermaid made this End.


LOL, Finnally one with a happy ending!

Crunk fo' sho'!

Very cool. Finally the end I hoped to. Money, a jaught and 3 girls! DUDE!!! Anyways, why didn't he marry the mermaid? And why she gave him 3 wishes, when he f' up her hair? Anyways, keep on the good work!

my figure

look at him

:c) his nose is upward