Reviews for "Pencilmation #10"

Wow, a happy ending!?

lol, i love your animations. Im surprised you didn't make the boat sink though XD

And as Far as "aprime's" comment went, i agree there is something lacking that was in some of your older pencilmations, but for the most part your still contributing a better then good piece of work. I'd have to say its the "randomness" that seems to be a bit absent. But I dont doubt you, thinking animations up isn't as simple as criticizing them.

Nice animation

this animation is COOL....

I hardly make review but...

Wow.. thats not your best work
Ofcourse I would have given a higher score.. like a nine
But knowing your work.. I really expected more from you..
Its better than Pencilmation #9 I have to admit
But seriously.. you seem to be losing your touch..

The simple ones are much better.. they're more random and entertaining
You never know what is going to happen

This was really just predictable..

Also.. You seem to have taken away the hand.. I thought it was a new feature.. Are you just getting lazier?
You now use the page turner to travel forward in time.. Don't do that..

The whole point of this originally.. was the fact that you were drawing something on the page and it would come alive..

This one is just like your creating a normal story.. and then adding a pencil init.. as an excuse so you can name it Pencilmation hence adding more to the series...


Nicely done. Smooth animation, greatness.


the cartoony nudity in here was tastefully done. Way to be unlike the rest of newgrounds!