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Reviews for "PopUp Attack 2"


Very good, more advanced from the last PopUp Attacks and of course, there are plenty of more classical popups to go through, I found the downloadable version, and the only problem with this game is the drag code, although un-fixable to date I intend to make a working demo for you Josh, of course my FP will help.


kokonut10 responds:

Great! Thank you! :D


mildly popular... maybe a sequel shouldn't have been made then? ;) some humor i guess

kokonut10 responds:

I promised a few people that I would make a sequel. I deliver on my promises.


snake is dead....snake......snake! ........SNAKEEEE! lol funny good work!

kokonut10 responds:

Cool, thanks for playing! :D

Funny stuff.

Ha ha, I liked it. The sound works great.

kokonut10 responds:

Thank you!

LOL nice CS reference!

"The bomb has been planted. To defuse the bomb stand over it and hold 'E'. Stop standing over it and knifing it you fucking noob!" Ahh just for that this gets a 10 (BTW I couldn't find the download button)

kokonut10 responds:

Bad luck. :( Thanks for playing!