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Reviews for "The Last Village"


It's a decent game - I like the mix of turn-based and RTS - but there are things that could be done. Aside from what's been mentioned, I noticed a bug whereby my army units that make it offscreen on the enemy's side are simply killed automatically. Either make it like Warfare: 1917, where you win when you make your own troops crossover to their side, OR like Age of War, where you each have castles that need to be destroyed in order for the battle to be over. Losing all your armies because the units walk quickly... SUCKS.

Fun to play

You need to do a lot to ba able to finish this game its a little hrad but fun

OK but without user manual

To complete this game, it is necessary to find out how you can produce gold. You need to produce weapons, and sell them :-P

sort of

good game but a little slow moving and the instructions are not very specific but i can put up with that

Mostly okay...

...but the instructions really don't explain much.
Where the gold comes from - and how to improve it - are almost completely missing from the explanations.
The unit-training process - and the structures, weapons, and such needed for it - are left completely out of the instructions.
There are no descriptions for enemy troop types.
The list goes on.

I do like it, and I think it shows promise, but this is the kind of game where a detailed in-game help file is absolutely essential. I can't give it full marks until and unless this is remedied.